Hope You Get Some Points!

Grandpa Davis on the Right

Grandpa Davis on the Right

My grandfather was a salesman for National Cash Register during the great depression. As was typical of that era, my Grandmother didn’t work.

Grandpa supported his wife and four children by selling cash registers during the worst of economic times. Right up there with selling ice to an Eskimo.

NCR had an incentive program in which salesmen would earn points for each sale they made.  The points they accumulated were traded in for prizes.  Being the family man he was Grandpa would choose something beneficial to the entire family… perhaps a new radio, or a fan to ward off the summer heat.  As a child, my mother and her siblings would send my grandfather off each day with a cheery “Good bye. Good luck. I hope you get some points!”

The lesson held in this tale is that even during the most challenging financial cycles, businesses still needed cash registers.  With that in mind, Grandpa was out there, on foot, to let them know where they could be found, most times before they knew they needed one.

My dear sweet mama left this world but I can still hear her send me off each day with a cheery “Good bye. Good luck. I hope you get some points!”

I share this bit of hidden wisdom for I realize that Grandpa knew the true prize was in understanding that at any time, those Egyptians just might require some sand and he needed to let them know he had it. Though Grandpa is now long gone, his wisdom and message endure: there is no substitute for hard work reinforced with good marketing.  His determination and marketing savvy is what made him successful, quietly passing these lessons by example (along with a few month-end trinkets) to his children and grandchildren.

So today, I wanted to let you know that Specialized Mailing Service is still here carrying on the traditions of my Grandfather, providing direct mail marketing solutions to those selling cash registers, sand or ice cream and wishing you … “Good bye. Good luck.  I hope you get some points!”


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